Premier TV The Premier TV is the proposed University television station which derives its name from the premier status of the University. It is to further enhance the University’s media presence as a way of promoting quality education, information and entertainment both formally and informally in order to expand the frontiers of knowledge.

    Reprographics The reprographics section of the UMC is the archive where major University events since its inception are stored majorly in audio and audio-visual formats. Apart from University events, other outside events which the University has had the privilege of being invited to cover can also be found in this archive. Documentaries on topical issues within and outside the University as treated by students and non-students are also stored in our reprographics section. In this manner, the UMC is a 21st Century archival and storage system which keeps stock of everything it has ever worked on in a manner that encourages future use of such materials in reconstructing the past.

    Diamond Radio The third campus radio station in the country, Diamond F.M. has made its mark as a training ground for students of the University and other institutions with professionalism and hard work as its hallmarks. It is a major avenue through which the University undertakes its social responsibility and mission of being a world class institution geared towards meeting societal needs. As a community radio station, it serves the interest of members of the UI community and its environs by providing them with a platform to tell their own story in their own way.